Daphna Mor and Nina Stern, recorders

Tamer Pinarbasi, kanun

Jesse Kotansky, violin

Shane Shanahan, percussion

East of the River was founded by internationally renowned recorder players Nina Stern and Daphna Mor. The project explores gems of the Medieval European classical repertory together with haunting and virtuosic melodies of traditions to the East, arranged and interpreted by musicians whose backgrounds include classical, jazz and world music. Together they create the unique blend that is East of the River.


"...a culturally rich, musically addictive program..."  

(Elaine Schmidt, Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee)  

"...eclectic, emotional, exquisite, and, most importantly, enjoyable!"  

(Gary Viebranz, Penn State)

"...an unqualified success...captivating and thrilling..."  

(Mark Cudek, Artistic Director, Indianapolis Early Music Festival 2012)


Current Touring Programs


Levantera: A Journey to the East - Music from Medieval Western Europe, Armenia, the Balkans and the Middle East

Named after the strong wind which begins in the Adriatic Sea and blows towards the Levant, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, Levantera follows the path of this famous wind, exploring brilliant estampies of 14th century Italy as well as haunting melodies, ancient songs, and traditional dances of the Balkan peninsula, Armenia, and the Middle East.


Sultana: Music of Spain and the Sephardic Diaspora

East of the River traces the Jewish Diaspora following the 1492 expulsion from Spain across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.  The program includes gems of the Medieval Spanish repertory (such as the Cantigas de Santa Maria), intimate melodies from the Sephardic liturgy, and exquisite Ladino songs. The musical adventure continues with an exploration of the traditional music of the lands settled by the Jewish emigrants - Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.


Flauto Doppio

Recorder virtuosi (NY Times) Nina Stern and Daphna Mor with Shane Shanahan, percussion, of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road create a richly-hued tapestry, performing music from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, from Flanders to Italy, and Armenia to France. The program features classic two-part gems from the repertory, such as the 14th century estampie “Petrone” and Pierre Danican Phildor’s “Troisième Suite”, as well as innovative arrangements of solo works by Jacob van Eyck, and the 18th century Armenian troubadour, Sayat Nova.



Music of the Balkan Peninsula


For more information about East of the River, please visit eastoftherivermusic.com and gemslive.org/gemsliveartistroster/eastoftheriver.html.